Hollywood-Type Quiz

What Hollywood-Type Are You? [picture of the Hollywood sign and the mountains around it]

Find out your Hollywood-Type; see if you're an actor, writer, director, producer or agent.

Social CircleHow many friends and followers do you have on social media (like facebook, twitter, etc.)?

How many text messages have you received today?

Who is your best friend?

LifestyleDo you like any designer clothes?

What would you rather do?

Who would you most like to have met?

OrganizationHow do you keep track of people's contact info (phone numbers, email address, that sort of thing)?

How often are you late?

Describe your bedroom.

Money MattersHow good are you with money (not spending too much, paying bills on time)?

How much do you usually tip your server at a restaurant?

When you've been out with friends or family, how many times did you pick up the check, in the last month?

Check each of the following that applies to you: